Celebrating our
Common Moral Compass

Adrian Bishop

The Centre for Defined Ethics

What we are trying to do

At present the Centre is only a small group with limited funding but I am looking to expand its activities in the following areas:

  • To establish the Moral Compass as the world-wide de facto benchmark for fundamental ethical principles.
  • To establish the Moral Compass as the benchmark for social cohesion.
  • To support people and organisations in the process of ethical decision making.

How you can help

I am now looking to invite people with a solid background in ethics and citizenship and an ability to think 'outside the box' to help create an advisory "Think-Tank" with the remit of expanding and developing the concept of the Moral Compass as a vehicle for social cohesion world-wide.

If you or your organisation is interested in supporting the concept of a codified and common Moral Compass, please write to the Centre.

Adrian Bishop
Centre For Defined Ethics in Plymouth.

14, Old Park Road, Peverell, Plymouth Devon PL3 4PY

The Moral Compass Project


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